Organic Fruits,Herbs,Veg (H)

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Photo unavailable HIBISCUS sabdariffa
Roselle, Asian Sour Leaf, Indian Sorrel, Jamaican Tea, Florida Cranberry

Herbaceous Perennial: Heirloom. Non-GMO. Edible leaves & flowers have a sour taste & work well with pickling, curries, or paired with strong & spicy flavors. Red calyces can be used in beverages, syrups, sauces, jellies, preserves & chutneys. The raw or cooked leaves can be used like spinach. Ht: about 7 feet. Exposure: sun. Water: moderate/moist. USDA Z8.

Photo unavailable HYSSOPUS officinalis
Organic Hyssop

Perennial: Semi-evergreen. Mint family, w/bright blue-violet flowers. Popular ornamental for the perennial bed w/flower spikes summer-fall. Aromatic. Medicinal uses: tea has a soothing quality, use dried leaves. Use for colds, flu, bronchitis, sore throat, bruises, burns. The fresh leaves & flowers are used fresh as a seasoning. Attracts butterflies. Height: 1.5-2'. Width: 1-1.5'. Sun/light shade. Tolerates some drought, does best w/moderate water. USDA Z3.

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