About our Availability List

Our availability list is geared for retail nurseries to order off of and plants must meet certain requirements in order for them to be included on the availability list. Plants must be of prime retail quality (this means that they are nice and full and ready for immediate sales in a retail setting) and be available in sufficient quantities to last for a week on the availability list.

  • If a plant is rooted but is not filling out more than ¾ of the container, then it will not show on the list.
  • If the plant is a little large in the container, we consider that “landscape quality” and it will not show on the list.
  • If there are less than 5-10 flats available, it will not show on the list.

So, if something isn’t listed, chances are it may be available. We encourage you to inquire for things that you do not see listed.

Download our latest PDF version below, or view the current list with photos here.