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Photo unavailable ARTICHOKE 'Green Globe'-
Organic Artichoke

This tasty variety produces heads that are 3-5” in diameter & have wonderfully thick, flavorful hearts. With thick, fleshy scales & solid center, the flower heads should be harvested when they are young. It needs a fairly long, mild growing season, or you may grow it as an annual. This variety does well in most areas. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 120 days) (Cynara scolymus ‘Green Globe’)

Photo unavailable ARUGULA 'Bellezia'
Organic Arugula

An easy to grow green that is harvested for its strong, distinctive flavored leaves. It is used primarily fresh in salads, but it can also be cooked. Arugula is a leafy vegetable, like lettuce and spinach. It has a peppery, spicy taste and is a member of the mustard family. Flowers are also edible. Plant in sun, but can tolerate some shade. (Maturity: 30 days baby, 51 days full size) (Eruca sativa).

Photo unavailable ARUGULA 'Wasabi'
ARUGULA aka Roquette, Organic Arugula ARUGULA aka Roquette
Organic Arugula

An easy to grow green that is harvested for its strong, distinctive flavored leaves. It is used primarily fresh in salads, but it can also be cooked. Arugula is a leafy vegetable, like lettuce and spinach. It has a peppery, spicy taste and is a member of the mustard family. Plant in sun, but can tolerate some shade. (Maturity: 20 days baby, 40 days full size) (Eruca sativa).

BASIL 'Genovese', Organic Heirloom Basil BASIL 'Genovese'
Organic Heirloom Basil

Heirloom-Pesto lovers unanimously recommend ‘Genovese’ as the best variety for pesto due to its distinctively sweet flavor. Plants are strong producers of dk green, glossy lvs w/a characteristic spoon shape. Yields 7 to 8 cuttings. Though used mainly as a culinary herb, this basil has many therapeutic qualities as well. Biennial herb. Height: 18-24”. Width: 15”. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. (Maturity: 68 days)

BASIL 'Holy' (Sacred, Tulsi, Monk's Basil), Organic Holy Basil BASIL 'Holy' (Sacred, Tulsi, Monk's Basil)
Organic Holy Basil

Sacred Basil sets itself apart w/its pungent aroma & many medicinal properties. Whole lvs are crisp & clove flavored, very cooling in summer salads. Good flavoring vegetable in stir fry & steamed dishes. In additional to many nutritional values, it also has medicinal properties. Excellent pollen & nectar source for bees. Easy to grow. Height: 3 feet. Plant in sun/pt shade. An annual but will last longer w/regular pruning. (Maturity: 75 days)

Photo unavailable BASIL 'Lemon'
Organic Lemon Basil

A narrow leaf basil native to Southeast Asia with a delightfully strong aroma and lemony flavor. Delicious with fish and in salad dressings. Flowering stalks can be added to bouquets to lend a wonderful lemony fragrance. Small leaf variety. Biennial herb. Height: 18-30”. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z3-9. (Maturity: 60 days) (Ocimum basilicum citriodorum)

Photo unavailable BASIL 'Nufar'
Organic Basil

A relatively new Genovese-type that boasts large, flavorful leaves up to 4" long for cooking. Sweet scent & flavor. Intermediate resistance to Fusarium wilt. Perfect for blending up a batch of pesto! Pick the lvs & use fresh or dried in tomato dishes, pasta sauces, vegetables & soups. Great companion plant. Size: 24-30” x 18-24”. Exp.: sun/pt shade. Water: mod. (Maturity: 70 days) (syn. Ocimum basilicum 'Nufar').

BASIL 'Red Rubin', Organic Basil BASIL 'Red Rubin'
Organic Basil

Ornamental appeal & intense, spicy flavor. Compact habit, handsome foliage, wonderful aroma & its flavorful lvs make it a must-grow for lovers of flavored vinegars & oils! Sweeter aroma & flavor than other purple basils. The lvs are smooth, flat, & large, about 3-4" long & borne very profusely on dense, full little plants a foot tall & 8-10" wide. Good choice when making infused oils. Exp.: sun/pt shade. Water: mod. USDA Z3-9.

Photo unavailable BASIL 'Spicy Bush'
Organic Greek Basil

Great for ornamental and culinary use. An attractive miniature with small 3/4" long lvs on highly branched stems. Nice, compact, mounding habit excellent for containers, borders or rock gardens. Aromatic. Smooth, spicy, sweet flavor is great for salads or pesto. Stems are very tender as well. It grows in a perfect dome shape 8-12" tall. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z3-9. (Maturity: 70 days)

BASIL 'Sweet Thai', Organic Basil BASIL 'Sweet Thai'
Organic Basil

Flavorful garnish for sweet dishes. It has a clove-like licorice flavor w/a hearty aroma that compliments the hot spicy flavors of Thai cuisine. It is lovely as a potted herb, an edible bedding plant or it can be used in floral arrangements. Compact plants sport relatively small green lvs w/dk purple stems & blossoms. Lvs are 2” long & plants reach 12-18” tall. (Maturity: 63 days) (Ocimum basilicum var. americanum ‘Sweet Thai’)

Photo unavailable BEAN 'Blue Lake' Pole Bean
Organic Heirloom Pole Bean

Heirloom-This heirloom made Oregon’s Willamette Valley famous in the 60’s and 70’s for canning beans. Heavy producer, is a dependable & delicious variety for the garden. Has exceptional flavor fresh, shelled or dry. Picked fresh, beans are round & dk green w/unusual prpl streaks. They are long, straight & stringless. Vines can reach up to 10’ tall w/7-10” pods. Ideal for table use, freezing & canning. Plant in sun. (Maturity: 66 days)

Photo unavailable BEAN 'Maxibel' aka Haircot Vert
Organic Haricot Vert or French Filet

The most popular French filet bean w/high yields of slender 7” green pods that have an unsurpassed flavor. These are intended to be picked very slender, 1/8-1/4" in diameter. This bush type produces a continuous yield of “extra fine” (1/4” diameter) grade that is maintained by picking every 36-48 hours. 3 days in hot weather or 5 days in cool weather is about the maximum delay between harvests. Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 65 days)

BEETS 'Detroit Dark Red', Organic Heirloom Beet BEETS 'Detroit Dark Red'
Organic Heirloom Beet

This heirloom, from 1892, is still a top notch variety. It is well-known for high quality roots and strong tops that are comparable to leading hybrids. This is a standard type for the home garden or direct market sales. Uniform, round 3” roots are sweet and smooth. Plant in full sun in moist, well-drained soil. Great for canning and eating. (Maturity: 50 days)(Beta vulgaris ‘Detroit Dark Red’)

BEETS 'Detroit Golden', Organic Beet BEETS 'Detroit Golden'
Organic Beet

This variety has orange skin with a rich gold interior. The green leaves have attractive yellow stems that are prized in a salad mix when small, and have a mild flavor when cooked. The sweet, round roots are increasingly popular in specialty markets. Plant in full sun. (Maturity: 55 days)(Beta vulgaris ssp. vulgaris ‘Detroit Golden’)

BORAGE, Organic Borage BORAGE
Organic Borage

Cucumber flavored fresh lvs are added to salads, cooked or made into a cooling drink. Makes a good honey plant. Also used medicinally. Good companion plant to tomatoes, squash & strawberries because it attracts pollinating bees. CAUTION: Do not eat if you are pregnant or lactating as 8-10 blooms may cause milk to flow. Bloom color: true blue. 45-55 days to harvest. (Borago officianalis).

Photo unavailable CARDOON 'Pieno Inerme'
Organic Cardoon

Heirloom-favorite in Italy & Spain. Excellent variety w/thin ribs, almost no thorns & delicate flavor. Close relative of artichoke-both are members of the thistle family-but unlinke artichoke, the parts of cardoon that are eaten are the lvs & flower stalks, not the flower bud. The stalks are blanched & eaten fresh like celery; also tasty batter-dipped & fried. Growth: 4' x 2'. Tolerates part shade but does best in full sun. (Maturity: 63 days)

Photo unavailable CATNIP or Catmint (NEPETA cataria)
Organic Catnip

A member of the mint family. Well known favorite of our feline friends but also a medicinal herb for people, known to have relaxing properties. Can be used fresh or dried. The lvs have a minty scent & is commonly used in teas, salads, sauces & stews. Herbaceous perennial. The tubular wht blms w/prpl spots are borne in whorls in summer. Ht: 2-3’. Width: 3’. Exp: sun/pt shade. Water: mod/dry(drought tolerant). USDA Z3.

CELERY 'Peppermint Stick', Organic Celery CELERY 'Peppermint Stick'
Organic Celery

A leafy herb w/ a full-bodied spicy celery flavor. Unique, bicolored red & white stems are attractive in the garden or on the plate. Can be used fresh in soups or sauces. Stalks stay red even when cooked. Let plants bolt to use seeds as a spice. Aromatic Biennial/Perennial. Slow to bolt. Height: 16-24". Plant spacing 6”. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate/moist. (Maturity: 80-90 days) (Apium graveolens)

Photo unavailable CHAMOMILE 'German'
Organic Chamomile

Chamomile leaves and flowers may be used fresh or dried and are best when picked the day they open. Flowers can be picked for several months. Leaving the last flowers to set seed usually allows the plant to self sow the next year. Annual Herb. Height: 8-24”. Width: 6-12”. Bloom time: late spring. Bloom color: white with yellow center. Exposure: sun to part shade. (Matricaria recutita syn. M. chamomilla, Chamomilla recutita)

Photo unavailable Chicory (Cichorium intybus)
Italian Dandelion, Succory

Native to Europe. Long, dark green toothed leaves are mildly bitter& tastes much like dandelion although it is not a true dandelion. Fresh leaves in salad are a nutrient dense bitter digestive. Leaves are tastiest in the spring & fall as the summer heat tends to make them a little bitter. They can be mixed w/other greens to minimize their strong flavor. The mature leaves can be cooked as vegetable. (80 days to maturity)

Chives (ALLIUM schoenoprasum), Chives CHIVES
Organic Chives

Use the leaves & lavender flowers to dress up soups & salads w/a slightly spicy garnish. Chives have a mild onion flavor & has tubular, grass-like, dk green leaves which grow in clumps. Also works well for freezing and drying. Chives are easily harvested by clipping w/scissors. Bulbous Perennial. As an ornamental, grows nicely in rock gardens & in containers. Height: 12”. Can tolerate part shade. (Allium schoenoprasum)

Photo unavailable CILANTRO 'Santo'
Organic Cilantro

Classic Mexican herb. An extra-slow-bolting selection grown for its lvs. Often associated w/Mexican dishes, this strong scented herb grows out flat, toothed lvs for chopping into salsas & other preparations. Seeds are reputed to help reduce stress. Easy to grow & tolerant of cooler conditions, prefers full sun & some shade in the hottest climates. Fully grown, it is cut at a height of 12-18”. Annual. (Coriandrum sativum ‘Santo’)

Photo unavailable COLLARD 'Georgia'
Organic Heirloom Collard

Heirloom-Collards are the soul food of the South! ‘Georgia’ is a top producer of tender, mild flavored greens w/reliable, heavy yields. The long, loosely-held leaves are dk grn w/stark white midribs. The plants average 36” tall and are non-heading. It is both heat and cold tolerant and is also slow to bolt, so it is suited for many climates. Plant in sun.(Maturity: 70 days)(Brassica oleracea var. acephala ‘Georgia’)

Photo unavailable COMFREY (Symphytum Officinalis)
Knitbone, Boneset

Herbaceous perennial native to Europe. Used as a topical to treat skin irritations, cuts, sprains and swelling. Beautiful in any garden with long oval shaped fuzzy leaves topped with a purple bell shaped flower. Height: 3-4'. Bloom time: May-September. USDA Z9. Please note: Comfrey should not be taken internally as, even in small doses over time, it can be harmful.


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