SANCHEZIA nobilis 'Ellen' (syn. S. parvibracteata 'Ellen') (#SANELL4 - H 01-N)

SANCHEZIA nobilis 'Ellen' (syn. S. parvibracteata 'Ellen')

Woody Shrub: Evergreen. Heat tolerant. Native to Ecuador and Peru. Grown for the beautiful deep green leaves with bright yellow and cream veins. Bloom time: summer. Bloom color: yellow flowers, orange bracts. Border, bed, container and houseplant. Height: usually 3-4 feet, but can reach up to 8 feet. Width: 3-5 feet. Exposure: sun/part shade. Water: moderate/moist. USDA Z9-11.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
4" round-azalea pot H 01-N call