HAWORTHIA retusa (syn. ALOE retusa) (#HAWRET4 - H 40)

HAWORTHIA retusa (syn. ALOE retusa)

Perennial Succulent: Evergreen. Drought tolerant. South Africa native. A slow grower w/rosettes of very thick, triangular shaped green leaves with translucent tips that curve back. Can be grown outside or indoors as a houseplant. Blooms: spring-summer. Flower stalks are up to 20 in tall & hold tubular white flowers. Ht: 2-5 in. W: 3-4 in. Expos: outdoors: sun/pt shade; indoors: bright indirect light. Water: dry. Usually goes dormant in summer, reduce watering then. USDA Z9-11.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
2 Inch H 43 call
4 Inch H 40 call