CRASSULA capitella 'Red Pagoda' (#CRAREP4 - H 40)

CRASSULA capitella 'Red Pagoda'

Perennial: Evergreen. Deer & drought tolerant. Native to South Africa. Eye-catching tower of densely stacked, triangular chartreuse lvs w/crmsn tips. Low-growing, spills nicely from containers & can be planted as a small scale ground cover. Brilliant, fiery red color in full sun. Good rock garden, edger, or in hanging baskets. Tiny, wht blms in summer. Size: 6-8" x 12-24". Exp.: full sun/light shade. Water: mod./dry. USDA Z9.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
2 Inch H 43 call
4 Inch H 40 call