ALOCASIA 'Sarian' (ALOCASIA zebrina x A. micholitziana) (#ALOSAR4)

ALOCASIA 'Sarian' (ALOCASIA zebrina x A. micholitziana)

This plant is displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell it.

Rhizomatous Perennial: Tolerates deer & rabbits. The lg., arrow-shaped lvs have a wavy edge & leathery texture. The upward facing foliage is dk green w/prominent white veins. Good border, pot & houseplant. Sap is toxic, use caution if exposed. All parts contain calcium oxalate crystals which can irritate the skin. Ht: 5-10 ft. Spd.: 2-6 ft. Exp.: pt shade. Water: mod. USDA Z9. Indoors: provide bright, indirect light & humidity. Avoid soggy roots.

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