AEONIUM 'Starburst' (A. davidbramwelii/decorum 'Lemon-Lime') (#AEOSTA4)

AEONIUM 'Starburst' (A. davidbramwelii/decorum 'Lemon-Lime')

This plant is displayed for reference purposes only; we no longer grow or sell it.

Succulent Perennial or SubShrub: Drought tolerant. Evergreen succulent w/large, variegated 6-8" rosettes w/spoon-shaped green lvs w/creamy ylw variegated center & pk edging on the lvs. Use in borders, rock gardens, succulent gardens, Mediterranean gardens or containers. Bloom time: spring-summer. Bloom color: pink-orange. Star-shaped flowers. Height: 12-24 inches. Width: 12-18 inches. Exp.: sun/part shade. Water: moderate/dry. USDA Z9-11.

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