Vine (P)

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PASSIFLORA sanguinolenta, Passion Vine or Passion Flower PASSIFLORA sanguinolenta
Passion Vine or Passion Flower

Perennial: Native to Ecuador. A vigorous and showy vine that is great for for a smaller garden, container or trellis. Blooms spring through fall (ever bloom in mild climates). Attracts hummingbirds & butterflies. Bloom color: 1.5" flowers of coral-pink. Height: vining to 6-10'. Sun/light shade. Water: moderate. USDA Z9. Evergreen in mild climates. Hardy to mid-20's.

PODRANEA brycei, Queen of Sheba Vine, St. John’s Creeper PODRANEA brycei
Queen of Sheba Vine, St. John’s Creeper

Perennial: Native to S. Africa. Lilac-pink trumpet-like flowers put on a spectacular show nearly the whole year long. The blossoms, up to 3" wide, have a light fragrance. Can be maintained as an upright shrub w/judicious pruning. An excellent vine for arbors & pergolas & as a ground cover. Makes a great screening plant against a fence too. Attracts birds & butterflies. Blm time: late spring-fall. Ht: up to 40'. Width: 3'. Exp.: full sun. Water: mod. USDA Z9.

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