MINT 'Kentucky Colonel' (#MINKEC4-OG - H 52)

MINT 'Kentucky Colonel'

Perennial Herb: Official herb in the Kentucky Derby's mint julep drink, which is where name originated. Superior foliage to the species, ovate to lanceolate dk grn lvs up to 3" long. Lvs have a characteristic spearmint flavor & taste. Use as a flavoring or garnish, in teas, baths, as room deoderizer or as a mouth freshener! Fairly drought tolerant. Bloom color: lilac/lav., pk to wht. Ht.: 24-36". Exp.: sun/part shade. Water: mod. USDA Z5. (MENTHA spicata 'Kentucky Colonel')

Available sizes

Size Location Price
4 Inch H 52 call