MENTHA spicata 'Smooth' (Smooth Spearmint) (#MENSMO4 - H 14)

MENTHA spicata 'Smooth' (Smooth Spearmint)

Perennial Herb: Very versatile mint! Use as a flavoring or garnish, in teas, baths, as room deoderizer or as a mouth freshener! Fairly drought tolerant. We received this mint as Mentha spicata but this variety looks different than our Mentha spicata, which we have been growing for years. So we have named this variety 'Smooth', since the leaf is smooth compared to ours. Blm time: summer. Blm color: lavender-pink. Ht: 1.5-2'. Exp.: sun/pt shade. Water: mod. Hardy.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
4 Inch H 14 call