ASIAN GREENS 'Tokyo Bekana' (Brassica rapa 'Tokyo Bekana') (#ASGTOB6-OG - H 55)

ASIAN GREENS 'Tokyo Bekana' (Brassica rapa 'Tokyo Bekana')

This is a one-of-a-kind blond to lime green "green" that has ruffled edges and white mid-rib that adds loft and a pop of color to salad mixes. A non-heading Chinese cabbage that has buttery leaves with a crunchy rib and tender, mild flavor. Thin to 4-8" for full-sized heads for bunching, if desired. It is excellent for salad mixes and is a cut-and-come-again for long harvesting. (Days to maturity: 21 days baby, 40 full size)

Available sizes

Size Location Price
6 pack H 55 call