ARISTALOE aristata (ALOE aristata) (#ARIARI4 - H 40)

ARISTALOE aristata (ALOE aristata)

Perennial: Evergreen. Deer resistant. Native to S. Africa. One of the few frost hardy aloes. Despite its petite size, it is a vigorous grower. Clump-forming succulent w/dense 5-6" rosettes of stubby, lance-shaped, toothed, white-margined, drk grn leaves up to 4" long, w/small white spots & soft white spines, particularly beneath. Popular as an indoor plant. Attracts hummers. Blm time: summer. Blm color: coral orange. Ht: 12" (18" w/flwr). Water: dry. USDA Z7.

Available sizes

Size Location Price
4 Inch H 40 call